Visibility Unlimited

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Visibility Unlimited

Unchecked opinion in a cancer to society.  Visibility Unlimited was created as an avenue to share Truth and to challenge us to know what we believe and why.  When we cut through the fog of deception, the view is amazing.

For the Love of Doctrine

So much can be said about the “Christian” movement to “love” others with no regard for the soundness of doctrine. Books have been written elevating...

It’s OK to Look Up

It is expected by God that we will see events unfold that He foretold in His Word.  In fact, in reference to future events, Jesus...

Two Words

We’ve all heard the phrase “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” People use it to encourage someone during a difficult time and...

Wake Effect Schlo

Well, the introspection has begun…again. With the sad news of two legends (Carman and Rush Limbaugh) passing away, we are hearing of the amazing legacy...


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