Wake Effect Schlo

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Well, the introspection has begun…again. With the sad news of two legends (Carman and Rush Limbaugh) passing away, we are hearing of the amazing legacy and impact these two men had in the lives of others. That’s where my brain takes off on a journey into what heritage will exist in the wake of MY life.
Do you get that way, too?
I can almost guarantee you that it won’t be a legacy of financial wealth! That’s fine with me…I keep telling myself (haha). A heritage of faith and a life lived for my Savior is immeasurably more valuable. A heritage built on our eternal God will result in an eternal legacy.  Matt. 6:19-20.
Some people are like a boulder falling into water. The waves are huge and the impact is vast. Those around them hold on for dear life as they navigate the effects of the impact. They have been blessed with massive influence.  Others, like me, are more like a piece of pea gravel. Those around us might notice that we plopped into the water, but the waves are tiny and the impact is small. Nevertheless, the waves still exist.
I believe that it isn’t the size of the waves that matters most. Rather, it’s the content and quality of those waves.
I pray that my pea gravel impact will create waves rich with eternal Truth. A heritage of Christ is all I want to leave behind.

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    1. That is very kind of you to say, Toni. To God be all glory for anything good that comes out of me!

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