Murzan DUS-PIG Fixes

Murzan DUS-PIG Fixes
Murzan DUS-PIG Fixes

Please note; the rest of this video assumes that the DUS discharge line has already been cleared out by using a Pig system, and that the machine has already been raised on its casters and relocated to an area for disassembly or cleaning.

If the Pig has not been launched, connect air to the ½” male quick connect above the pump. This will push the Pig through the discharge piping and hose to clear out the majority of the product for easier disassembly. Please ensure that the Pig catcher is installed at the end of the discharge piping before launching the Pig. Note; some DUS units do not have a Pig system included in the project. Running the pump dry in this scenario will help evacuate some of the remnant product, but will not get everything out. Please be aware of air splattering when running the pump dry.

Next, disconnect the bottom clamp of the PIG launcher. The Pig launcher must be moved up vertically prior to removal. The components directly below the Pig launcher must be removed for you to be able to remove the Pig launcher. Once the bottom clamp is removed, loosen the support bracket clamp and slide the Pig launcher up vertically. Re-tighten the support clamp and the Pig launcher should remain in place with a 2” gap between the bottom of the Pig launcher and top of discharge “Y”

The Pig launcher can now be removed once the discharge “Y” has been disconnected. Open the support bracket clamp and slide the Pig launcher down through the frame.

Next, insert the Pig launcher and tighten the support bracket clamp with the Pig launcher as high as possible. This will give you space to install the discharge Y and then lower the Pig launcher onto it.

Next, attach 90 degree elbow to the top of the Pig launcher

Published: February 27, 2024