Wisconsin Metal Art-Patriotism

Wisconsin Metal Art-Patriotism
Wisconsin Metal Art-Patriotism

New Script: 

Hand made patriotism…..delivered to your door, Your business, Your home, Your garage

Nothing says “I’m proud to be an American” like displaying your values through patriotism.

And a handmade flag from Metal Art of Wisconsin sends a clear message.

Our company’s amazing story defines the American dream……

A father and son project that went VIRAL ON INSTAGRAM sparking unimaginable national attention

(10 second pause for news clips to play)

Our group of patriots hand make  Wood flags, Steel flags, Aluminum,  Carbon fiber, Concealment flags,  Giant flags.

Even a flag that folds out into a bar…..pretty awesome

Each flag is hand made with AMERICAN PRIDE

Each one…..given the white glove treatment,

all the way through the manufacturing process.

All the way……to your front door

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Published: August 16, 2022