Life Changing Radio, Boston

“If you’re looking for an official sounding voice that conveys authority, let me recommend to you Mike Schlote.

Mike has been doing voice work for our stations for years.  We find that his deep, resonant tone, superb phrasing and diction make him ideal for legal IDs.  If you listen, Mike’s powerful voice will let you know immediately when your programming segues into your station ID.

Mike is also an expert when it comes to timing.  He can manage a tight script without sacrificing nuance or expression by making it sound rushed.  His ability to do this requires years of experience, and we are especially glad to have his expertise serving as a particularly important part of our daily programming.

I hope you will consider Mike Schlote whenever you find the need arises.”

Randolph F. Berkson
*Operations Manager
760 and 1090AM/101.5FM Worcester-Springfield-Boston
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