Declaration of Independence

The words of this masterful document are not only fading from the original parchment, but they are rapidly fading from the hearts of those who live under the blessings of its content.  This is both by willful ignorance and wicked intent.

I have read the Declaration of Independence on the radio many times over the years.  This year, I have decided to record my reading and to archive it here on my website.  While I encourage you to read the text yourself, I also invite you to listen to this cherished document.

I am fully aware that this Declaration does not fall under the canon of Scripture.  However, I do believe that this is one of the most articulate and inspired human documents ever to be penned.

  • May we resolve to remember the tyranny that once oppressed us, lest we return willfully into the arms of despotism.
  • May we resolve to stand on the truth of our founding, lest we bow to the lies of corruption.
  • May we resolve to remember the sacrifice of those who relied on God Almighty for the “rectitude of their intentions” as they pledged their lives for the freedom we enjoy, lest their blood was spilled for ungrateful citizens at best or enemies at worst.
  • May we resolve to fully rely on the strength of the Savior, lest we collapse under the weight of our weakness.