Leaky Eyes

I was reading the book of Daniel again this morning and I came across a verse that directly assaulted my tear ducts.  I stopped and read it again.  Then I read it again.  After that, I decided to re-read it.  […]

Left-Behind Laundry

I’m sure we’ve all seen images of neatly folded piles of clothes left behind by those who are caught up during the rapture of the church. Some believe it. Some mock it. Some think the rapture itself is just a […]

Narrative Nobility

We live in a world of narratives.  A narrative is neither good nor bad in and of itself.  By definition, a narrative is the “recital of a story, or a continued account of the particulars of an event or transaction; […]

Visibility Unlimited Returns

It is with excitement that I announce the return of Visibility Unlimited!  A few of you may remember a weekly talk show I hosted with this same name.  I was honored to be part of the GraceNetRadio line-up.  This will […]