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"Having worked with my voice over colleague on a few joint projects, I can attest to the professionalism, promptness and perfectionism Mike uses when working with ALL of his clients, making each one feel as if they are his number one priority."
Liz Wylder, WOW Broadcasting

VoiceHangar was founded in 2007 with the initial purpose of providing professional voice-overs.  Soon after, we added our second and third hangars to provide audio production and image consultation.  None of these hangars were built without experience.  At that time, Mike had already spent fifteen years at radio stations doing live shows, producing countless commercials and developing effective imaging to solidify the radio station brand.

 VoiceHangar is committed to helping you accomplish your mission.


We provide high-quality voice-overs for all kinds of projects.  Whether it is a script for radio, a website narration, on-hold messaging or something totally unique to you, we'd love to work with you.  (Audio samples available inside this hangar.)

==Audio Production==

In addition to providing the voice for your project, we can produce your audio for you, too.  It's just that simple.  (Look for the secret message inside this hangar.)

==Imaging Consultant==

Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective when it comes to branding ourselves and establishing an image.  We'd love to help you fine-tune your image to match your mission.  We have one of the best graphic designers in the world available if a new logo is needed.  Imaging can make or break the effectiveness of your brand and it MUST always reinforce it.

Contract or NO-Contract.  You decide!

If you sign a contract with VoiceHangar, the price becomes even more attractive.  But, perhaps your needs come and go.  We've been around long enough to understand that.  We will do everything we can to work within your budget and provide you with the tools you need at a price you can afford.

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